April Newsletter

It’s almost April!!!  That means we’re getting closer to summer vacation!!!  This year has truly flown by and there is still so much to do!  We just wrapped up registration for the 2018-2019 school year and if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time.  Even if you haven’t decided if you’re coming back next year for whatever reason please let us know.  We are going to start ordering agendas and religion books for next year and those numbers are all based on enrollment.  To ensure your child has one of each we ask that you register them as soon as possible.  Again, if you aren’t sure please let us know so that we may factor that in when ordering agendas and religion books.

I just want to remind everyone that the bus lane/emergency vehicle lane needs to stay clear.  Please do not drop off or pick up kids in that lane and it is not a lane to drive through.  Please drive around the cones to get through the loop; it’s much appreciated. 

As the year comes to an end, please keep an eye out for information on field trips.  Each grade is permitted to go on an end of year field trip and we have many already lined up.  Look at the school calendar for specific dates and instructions will be sent home as it pertains to each field trip. 

4th grade will begin swim lessons on April 19 at the Bradford YMCA.  Swim lessons will be every Thursday with the last lesson being May 17.  Students are to bring bathing suits (no bikinis), a towel, and a plastic bag to put their wet clothes in.  Girls may want to bring a brush. 

This year, we will be having an Open House on April 12 from 6-8pm.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for the students to show off the work they have been doing this year.  Please keep in mind that this night is for the students and that if you would like a conference then you may sign up on the conference sheet that will be in each classroom.  During the Open House, you may shop the Scholastic Book Fair which will be located downstairs across from the Kindergarten and 1st grade rooms. 

We are in the process of getting a credit/debit machine in the office.  This will allow you to pay tuition, extended care and milk among other things.  With that being said, as the year comes to an end we ask that you take care of any outstanding balances.  If you have an outstanding balance on the last day of school, then your child’s report card will be held. 

I just want to say thank you to the parents who have been volunteering in the cafeteria.  It has been a tremendous help to the teachers! 

                                                                        Thank You and God Bless!

Master Fish Dinner Schedule
Set Up, 10-12pm  Bus Tables, 4-5:30pm Raffle Tickets, 4-5:30pm
Bob Mongillo Laryssa Webster  Francis Mulcahy
Julie Crosby Jessie Kerr  Shannon Luzzi
Jodi Rosendahl Daniel Marasco
 McAndrew Family  Peyton & Cooper Haight Raffle Tickets, 5:30-7pm
 Kristin Haight  Demi Zhao
Bus Tables, 5:30-7pm Clean Up 7pm-?
Sell Tickets, 4-5:30pm  Kaden Silvis
Kris Strauss  Charlie Aiello
Bertie Myers  Nicholle AIello
Natalie Marasco
Sell Tickets, 5:30-7pm
Aime Bundy
 Paul Curcio
Dish Room, 4-5:30pm
 Paul Aiello
Serving Line, 4-5:30pm
Denise O’Neil Dish Room, 5:30-7pm
Lisa Webster
Deb Woodley
Linda Kerr
 Paul Curcio
Serving Line, 5:30-7pm
Amy Storer
Silvis Family