Hi! As Sixth graders you will be my homeroom class, and you will have me for Religion class.  I would like you to be in the room and ready to begin (with the supplies that you need for class and pencils sharpened) by 8AM.  Please check out the following (and have your parents look at it too) as these are the rules for my classroom.  Thanks!


In my classroom I expect my students to be cooperative, respectful, and responsible for their own actions.  I also expect them to be prepared for class and to give me their very best effort.

If Your Child Is Absent

Unless your child will be absent for several days, it is actually easier for me to get them caught up when they get back to school than it is to get their class work ready to be picked up at the end of the day.  PLEASE respect this.  Thank you!!!

Low Grades

Sometimes students have a bad day, or do not check their work before they hand it in!  It does not necessarily mean that they did not understand the concept taught.  If your child is CONSISTENTLY doing poorly in a subject area, feel free to email me and ask for a time to talk about it. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to come for help.

Friday Folders

These are due to come back on Monday morning (unless your child was absent).  Since I have the 6th grade homeroom, I do NOT check the Friday Folders to see if they have all of their papers to go home or a signature when they return.  It is your child’s responsibility to make sure that you see the papers/memos in their folder.  It is also your child’s responsibility to make sure any notes or paper work coming back to me end up on my desk.  I DO NOT look for notes myself, as they are now in middle school, and they need to take care of these things themselves.

Agenda Signatures

If there is a note in the agenda that needs to be signed, the consequence for not showing it to a parent is to sit alone at lunch.  All notes in the agenda with an X need to be signed.  Thank you!

Student Schedules

All band and piano schedules will be posted in the classroom, and the STUDENTS are responsible for knowing what time they are to be there.  This goes for Act 89 and Title One classes as well.


There is zero tolerance for bullying.  Students will be written up and face consequences for any bullying in the building.

THANK YOU for all of your understanding and support!


  • Electric pencil sharpener
  • Boxes of tissues (we always run out mid-winter)
  • Construction paper
  • Looseleaf


  • Middle School Supply List16 X #2 pencils8 X black or blue ink pens

    1 X zippered pencil bag

    3 X highlighters

    2 X rolls of paper towels

    4 X boxes of kleenex

    3 X Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

    1 X bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 X school glue and 8 pack of glue sticks

    1 X pair of scissors

    1 X headset in ziploc bag with name on it

    1 x pack of construction paper

    1 X 24 count Crayola crayons

    1 X pack of colored pencils


    2 X packages of wide ruled notebook paper

    1 X ruler

    1 X pocket calculator (square root, sin, cos, tan)

    1 X compass

    1 X protractor

    4 X notebooks

    History/ Language Arts/English

    3 X pocket folders

    3 X 1 subject notebooks

    1 X pack of notecards

    1 X pack of loose leaf paper

    1 X notebook for Spanish

    1 X flashdrive for tech