9 X 1 Gallon Ziploc bags; your child will need one for each month (Sept-May) and on the bag please write their name and the month.

16 X #2 pencils; they use 4 per quarter

2 X large pink erasers

4 X 24 count Crayola Crayons

1 X 4 Pack of EXPO dry erase markers

1 X Friskar child scissors

8 X Large glue sticks or 20 small ones; Elmer’s brand

1 X oversized art shirt

1 X beach towel for quiet time

2 X boxes of Kleenex

4 X Clorox wipes

2 X 8 pack Crayola markers (primary colors)

5 X plain colored 2 pocket folders (no prongs)

          Please write their name on them



1 X Headset in a baggy with your child’s name on it

1 X Folder with your child’s name on it




**Every child needs to bring  a change of clothes for their locker.