The School Day begins at 8:00 am and dismissal begins at 2:15 pm. Car riders are dismissed at 2:30 and can be picked up in the front lobby. Please do not park directly in front of the building at anytime as the lane in front is kept open for emergencies. Bus riders board the bus at approximately 2:20.

Any student living within walking distance of the school must have a written note on file from a parent/guardian if walking to/from school.  Please send a note with your child if his/her dismissal procedure changes on any particular day; otherwise, he/she will be dismissed as usual.  Students should NOT use cell phones to make dismissal arrangements.  Students are allowed two bus stops through the BASD Bus Garage. Students may not ride the bus to another stop unless they first fill out a form and get approved.  Pre-approval takes about 2 days prior notice.

Appointments-lf doctor or dental appointments during school hours are necessary, you must pick up a doctor’s excuse in the school office, have it signed by the doctor and return it to school with your child. Students will only be released to an authorized adult that is listed on our emergency information. No child will be dismissed alone for an appointment during the school day. A child should report to the school office before leaving the building, and also upon his/her return.

Absence and Excuses- Regular attendance is vital to a student’s success in school. Absences must be reported to the office by 8:30 am on the day your child is absent. If a parent does not call, school personnel will call home in regards to a child’s absence. If a student is absent for more than one (1) day, it is only necessary to call on the first day of absence. A written excuse must accompany your child upon returning to school.  After 3 consecutive missed days a doctor’s note should be faxed or sent to the school.                                                           

Tardiness- Students arriving at school after 8:10 am must report directly to the school office accompanied by a note explaining the reason for tardiness.

Transfers- the event of a transfer out of town or to a different school, please notify the school office at least two (2) weeks prior to the transfer. This enables us to prepare and send records for the child through the mail.

For the Records-Please notify the school office of any changes in your child’s personal information, any changes in address, phone number, dismissal procedures etc. This is to ensure your child’s safety.

School Bus Program- In agreement with the Bradford Area Public School System, bus transportation is provided. The time scheduling is under control of the public school system. In accordance with St. Bernard School discipline code; any infractions regarding discipline shall be reported to the Principal by the bus driver. Since the Bradford Area School District serves our area, infractions may result in suspension from the bus.

Emergency Closings– Closing of school due to inclement weather or emergency will be announced over local radio stations. St. Bernard School follows the Bradford Area School District when it comes to delays and early dismissals. A delay of one hour preschool will begin at 9:00 a.m. and no breakfast will be served.  On days when there is delay of two hours or more there will be no morning 3 or 4 year old preschool or breakfast.  Any early quit days will also be on the radio.  St. Bernard’s dismisses with Bradford Area High School and Fretz Middle School.  Cancellations and early quits can also be found on the school website off of the cancellations link or under the newsletter.  On day when there is a delay students are not to report to school until the designated time. (No care).

Notes – All notes and correspondence should come to school in the Agenda pocket and be given to your child’s teacher.  Please do not drop them off in the office.  Teachers should be made aware of appointments, absences, and dismissal changes.  Thanks!

School Visitors are welcomed to St. Bernard School, at any time that is convenient for the school schedule. All visitors must report to the main office, sign in, and pick-up a visitor’s pass. Please DO NOT go directly to your child’s room.

School Fees- To ensure a seat at St. Bernard School for your child(ren) for the next school year, the following criteria must be met:

  1. A $25.00 non-refundable, tuition deductible, registration fee per child, up to three children in the family, is due at time of registration. There is no fee for the fourth or fifth child.
  2. All delinquent debts owed to St. Bernard School must be paid in full to guarantee registration for the next school year.

For students to receive the subsidized rate, the student and his/her family must be registered (receiving envelopes and using them) at St. Bernard’s Parish, St. Francis Parish, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, or St. Elizabeth Parish (located in Smethport).



Tuition Rates 2018-2019



Monday thru Friday, 8am-2:15pm:

$2565.00 or $285/month

Monday thru Friday, 8am-11am:

$1935.00 or $215/month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-2:15pm:

$2025.00 or $225/month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-11am:

$1710.00 or $190.00


Kindergarten thru 8th Grade


1 Student:  $2565.00 or $285/month

2 Students:  $4365.00 or $485/month

Each additional student is $1800



1 Student:  $2970.00 or $330/month

2 Students:  4905.00 or $545/month

Each additional student is $1935.00

After school care is available and the rates for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

$4.50 per hour for one child

$5.50 per hour for two children

$6.50 per hour for three plus children

Scholarships are available through a variety of applications.  The amount awarded may not exceed the tuition cost.  Credit monies will go to another SBS student of need. Scholarship money is only good for the academic year for which it is applied.

Medical Policies-No oral medication, which includes aspirin, Tylenol, cough drops, etc. will be administered to any student unless we have in our file a written note from your family physician. Parent notes are not acceptable. This regulation is for your child’s health and safety.

Medication prescribed by a physician must be in a prescription bottle with the name of the student, medication dosage, and frequency of administration on a pharmacy label. Medication forms may be obtained in the school office upon request.

Illness- Any student suffering from contagious diseases should stay home until fully recovered or until a physician certifies in writing that the student may return.  Students who become ill during the school day must be picked up in a prompt manner.  Thank you.

The School Nurse safeguards the health of the pupils at a time when such protection is vital for their future well-being. Services are provided to St. Bernard School through the courtesy of the Bradford Area Public School District. * All health records and/or conferences with the school nurse may be made through personal contact by parents whenever the need arises.

Accidents- If a student or adult becomes injured, it should be reported to a teacher or staff member immediately. If a student sees someone injured, it should be reported immediately.

Lockers will be assigned to each homeroom for grades Pre-8. Lockers are property of St. Bernard School and may be opened by the school personnel without permission.   Lockers are opened to get books or assignments for parents or to check for items which may endanger students. Lockers should be kept clean and in good order. Locks should be kept locked on the lockers that contain textbooks. Book replacement is the responsibility of each student.

Birthdays Invitation Policy – We will allow parents to admit their name and address on a contact list for parties.  The birthday list will be given to a parent if it is requested for a student in that class through the school office.  This will make it easier to mail invitations to the correct address.  We will continue our policy of not handing out invitations in school as agreed upon by the staff at St. Bernard’s.  A “party registry” refusal form for the class will come home in the opening packet in August.

Treats should be brought in only when prearranged with the child’s homeroom teacher. Treats should be sent for the entire class, and healthy in nature.

Academic Policies & Curriculum:

Most of our textbooks are property of the Pennsylvania government and we must have on file a signed request to have your child use them. All textbooks are diocesan approved. Curriculum is based on Pennsylvania State Curriculum Guidelines. We encourage you to study textbooks and discuss them with your child’s teacher and school principal. To find out about benchmarks in the curriculum for each level, log on to and click in “curriculum”.

Computer Policy- St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School works to ensure that all students become responsible and independent learners. This expectation is extended to include proper use of technology, computer application, and the internet. Access to the computers is a privilege granted to St. Bernard School Faculty, Staff, and Students. All users of the computers must act responsibly and abide by the policies of the school. In the event of violation of any policies or laws, disciplinary procedures will be followed, including informing law enforcement authorities if deemed appropriate.

Report Cards are distributed in Grades 1-8 on a quarterly basis according to the dates indicated on the official school calendar. Report cards are to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school within one (1) week of distribution.  Kindergarten will run on a trimester basis. They receive three grades and then an average of the three for a final grade.


Elementary/ Middle School Grading Scale


Grading Scale

93-100        A

85-92          B

76-84          C

69-75          D

68-below     E or U

Effort Key

1.Needs Improvement

2.Steady Progress


Progress Reports are issued mid-way through each quarter/trimester for all students not just those who may be having difficulty or are exceeding in an area. On-line grades can be viewed by a parent if an e-mail form is filled out in the school office.

Honor Roll  1st Honors – 93 overall average and up.  2nd Honors – 85-92 overall averages. Students may not have any grades lower than a 76 and make either Honor Roll.

Parent Teacher Conferences are welcomed at any time with a prearranged appointment scheduled by the parent or teacher.

Formal Conferences are scheduled according to date on the official school calendar. Teachers may be contacted during school hours at school rather than their homes.

Homework is a necessary part of the school program, designed to be a constructive tool in the learning process. Homework builds character, sharpens skills, and involves parents. Properly handled, homework can be an aid to learning. Approximate guidelines for homework limits are as follows:

Primary Grades:

  • Kindergarten:  15 minutes per day
  • Grades 1-3:     30 minutes per day

Intermediate Grades:

  • Grade 4:             40 minutes per day
  • Grade 5:             50 minutes per day

At the Middle School level, students will have some long term projects that my involve time management on the part of the student to avoid working on the weekends or over vacations.

Academics and Sports – Students in grades 7 and 8 participating in interscholastic sports are expected to keep class work a first priority.  A student is expected to maintain a good class average while participating in sports.  Students with a class grade lower that 76 are ineligible until the grade is raised. Eligibility for interscholastic competition is strictly defined by the PIAA handbook. Failure to meet the requirements by PIAA guidelines, for a period of seven days, twenty days, or until a student rectifies his or her academic standing. Students of St. Bernard Middle School have the opportunity to participate in the following sports:


  • Co-op Boy’s Football with Fretz Middle School
  • Co-op Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country with Fretz Middle School
  • Co-op Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer with Fretz Middle School
  • Co-op Girl’s Basketball with Fretz Middle School



  • Co-op Boy’s Wrestling with Fretz Middle School
  • Co-op Boy’s Basketball with Fretz Middle School
  • Co-op Girl’s Volleyball



  • Co-op Boy’s and Girl’s Track and Field with Fretz Middle School

St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School has a policy for extracurricular activities and below average academic progress.  Students who have grades in any subject that are 75% and below are not eligible to participate in sports, intramurals, or any other organized extracurricular activities sponsored by the school.  The student’s name will be placed on an ineligibility list and will remain there until they have shown improvement.  Students will be reassessed on a weekly basis.  Assessments will be in class participation, homework, and test and quiz scores.  Students must bring grades to above 75% and maintain sufficient progress.  Students must be responsible for their academics before they can do the extracurricular activities.  This is their responsibility and we need them to be successful.