Pick up and Drop Off Guidelines:

The school day begins promptly at 8am and dismissal begins at 2:15 with bus riders first.  Students should arrive at school no later than 7:50 am as this gives the students time to put their belongings away and be in their seats by 8am.  Car riders are dismissed at 2:30 and are picked up in the lobby in front of the gym.  Please do not park or idle in front of either sets of doors in the front of the school as this lane is for buses and emergency vehicles.  This lane must remain clear at all times.

Any student living within walking distance of the school must have a written note on file from parent/guardian if walking to/from school.

Any dismissal changes must be called into the office NO LATER THAN 2pm to ensure correct dismissal of student.  Please do not email or text faculty with dismissal changes. 

Prior to the beginning of the school year, it is the parents’ responsibility to contact the Bus Garage with current address information and obtain correct bus numbers and pick up/drop off times.  The phone number for the Bus Garage is 368-4714


The school day begins at 8am and students are to be ready to learn in their classrooms by 8am otherwise it will be considered a tardy.  If your child will be tardy or absent it is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to call the office, no later than 8am.  Students who come to school after 8am are considered tardy; continuous unexcused tardies will result in further disciplinary action.  We do understand that “unforeseen circumstances” such as car accidents, car troubles, late buses, road closures, etc., may cause tardies and in these cases, will be considered excused.  If your child will be tardy, please call the office so that it may be an excused tardy. 

Consequences for unexcused tardies for each grading period:

1st Tardy:  Note sent home that will require a parent signature and must be returned to school.

2nd Tardy:  Playtime suspension (student will not be permitted to participate in playtime/recess).

3rd Tardy:  Lunch Time detention (student will sit by themselves at lunch) and suspension from clubs/sports

4th Tardy:  Conference with parents where a plan will be set in place for student to be on time

5th Tardy:  Report will be sent to the BASD attendance officer

*The principal has the right to substitute an alternative disciplinary intervention for repeated offenders or any other circumstances. 

When you call the office to indicate that your child will be absent, it is the parent/legal guardian’s responsibility to let the office know if they need to cancel your child’s lunch. 

Each day that your child is absent the parent/legal guardian must call the office by 8am.  Compulsory attendance is a matter of state law and regulations.  Students who do not comply with compulsory attendance regulations will be subject to the consequences outlines in the attendance policy and will be assisted in improving attendance through a developmental plan. 

Lawful Absences:  Absences for which the school has received a written excuse from the parent/guardian are lawful. This excuse should be received upon the first day the student returns to school.  Absences may be excused when a student is prevented from attendance for mental, physical or other urgent reasons, which include but are not limited to illness, family emergency, death of a family member, medical or dental appointments, authorized school activities, and educational travel of five (5) of fewer days with prior approval.  In addition, lawful absences include student attendance at court hearings related to the student’s involvement with the agencies that deal with the welfare of children.  While it is strongly discouraged, if you plan on going on a vacation during the school year that lasts 3 or more days, you must request vacation form and submit it at least two weeks prior to the vacation.

Truancy:  A student is considered truant when absent for three of more days without a doctor’s excuse.

There are serious legal ramifications for truancy.  Pennsylvania law may impose a fine on parents for truancy up to $300 and requires parents to pay court costs or be sentenced to complete a parenting education program.

Unlawful Absences:  Absences for which the school has not received a written excuse from the parent/guardian are considered unlawful.


We encourage parents to make appointments after school.  If you need to make an appointment during school hours, please send in a note or call the office.  When you pick up your child for their appointment, you must come into the school and sign them out.  Office staff will give you a slip that you are to have signed by the doctor and the slip is to be returned to school with your child. 

Emergency Closings/Early Dismissal

Closing of school due to inclement weather or emergency as well as any early dismissals will be announced over the local radio stations and the school will post information on the school website, Facebook and send an email via TeacherEase.  SBS follows Bradford Area School District when it comes to delays and early dismissals.  For a delay of 1 hour, preschool will begin at 9am.  On days when there are delays of 2 hours or more there will be no morning preschool for those who attend until 11am.  However, for those preschoolers who participate in all day preschool, there will report to school by 10am.  St. Bernard’s dismisses with the Bradford Area High School, Fretz and School Street.  On days when there is a delay, students are not to report to school until the designated time, and care will not be provided until the designated time.  When school is cancelled or there is an early dismissal, all after school clubs/intramurals are also cancelled.  Care will be provided depending on weather conditions/reason for canceling school. 

Student Records and Transfers:

In the event of transferring to a different school, please notify the school at least two weeks prior to the transfer.  Parents/guardians will need to fill out a record release form so that St. Bernard School may release records. 

If your phone number, address or other personal information changes, please inform the school so that records may be updated. 

Academic Policies and Curriculum:  Most of our textbooks are property of the government and we must have on file a signed request to have your child use them.  All textbooks are diocesan approved.  Curriculum is based on Pennsylvania State Curriculum Guidelines.  To find out about benchmarks in the curriculum for each grade, log on to eriercd.org and clink in “curriculum” standards.

Grading Scale:                                                             Effort Key:

93-100             A         1st Honors                                1  Experiencing Difficulty

85-92               B         2nd Honors                               2  Basic

76-84               C                                                         3  Proficient

69-75               D

68 and below   F

Homework is a necessary part of the school program, designed to be a constructive tool in the learning process.  Homework builds character, sharpens skills, and involves parents.  The following are approximate guidelines for each grade:

Kindergarten= 15 minutes/day           1st/2nd/3rd Grade= 30 minutes/day              4th Grade= 40 minutes/day

5th Grade= 50 minutes/day                  6th/7th/8th Grade= 90 minutes

Progress Reports are issued half way through the grading period and require parent/guardian signature upon returning progress reports to school.  Report Cards are distributed for grades K-8 on a quarterly basis.  Report Cards are also to be signed by parents upon returning the report card to school.  Both progress reports and report cards are to be returned within one week of distribution. 

Middle School students will have long term projects that may involve time management.  If absent the day the long-term project is due, the student should have the project upon returning.  Corrections on work for poor grades are at the time discretion of the teacher and are on limited time constraints.


If you feel that you need to have a conference with a teacher at any time, they must be arranged ahead of time.  You may contact the teacher by calling the office or emailing the teacher directly. 

Make-Up Work 

Work will not be assigned ahead of time for students who are sick or going out of town.  All work will be made up upon the students return.  Students may need to stay after school to catch up on work; parents will need to make arrangements with teachers.  While it is strongly discouraged, if you plan on going on a vacation during the school year that lasts 3 or more days, you must request a vacation form from the office and submit it at least two weeks prior to the vacation.

Academics, Clubs and Sports

All students are expected to keep school work a first priority.  Students are expected to maintain a good class average while participating in clubs and sports.  Students with a class grade lower that 76 are ineligible until their grades are raised.  Grades will be checked every Friday for eligibility for the following week.  Eligibility for interscholastic competition is strictly defined by the PIAA handbook.  Failure to meet the requirements by PIAA guidelines, for a period of seven days, twenty days, or until a student rectifies his or her academic standing.  Students of St. Bernard Middle School can participate in the following sports: 


            CO-OP boy’s football with Fretz Middle School

            CO-OP boy’s and girl’s cross country with Fretz Middle School

CO-OP boy’s and girl’s soccer with Fretz Middle School

CO-OP girl’s basketball with Fretz Middle School


            CO-OP boy’s wrestling with Fretz Middle School

            CO-OP boy’s basketball with Fretz Middle School

            CO-OP girl’s volleyball


            CO-OP boy’s and girl’s track and field with Fretz Middle School

Computer Policy 

St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School works to ensure that all students become responsible and independent learners.  This expectation is extended to include proper use of technology, computer application, and the internet.  Access to the computer is a privilege granted to SBS faculty, staff and students.  All users of the computer or Ipad must act responsibly and abide by the policies of the school.  In the event of violation of any policies or laws, disciplinary procedures will be followed, including informing law enforcement authorities if warranted. 

Electronic Devices 

Personal electronic devices are prohibited during school hours, 7am-2:30pm as well as during care hours, 2:30-5:30pm.  Electronic devices include cell phones, Ipads, tablets, Apple Watches and any other such devices.  SBS will not be held responsible for such items that are lost or damaged.  If any such electronic is seen being used during school hours, it will be confiscated and will require a parent/guardian to come to the office and pick it up.  Repeated offences will result in further disciplinary action.    

Medical Policies

No oral medication, which includes aspirin, Tylenol, etc., will be administered to any student unless we have a written note from your family physician.  Cough drops are permitted only by request of a parent through the school office.  Parent notes are not acceptable.  This regulation is for your child’s health and safety.  Medication prescribed by a physician must be in a prescription bottle with the prescription label intact.  Medication forms to be taken during school hours can be picked up in the office. 


Any student suffering from contagious diseases should stay home until FULLY recovered or until a physician certifies in writing that the student may return.  Please do not send your child to school if they have any of the following:

  • Fever of over 100F within the last 24 hours (they should be fever free with no medicine intervention).
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  • Continuous coughing not relieved by medication
  • Strep throat; students may return to school 24 hours AFTER starting medication

Please do not send your child to school if the above guidelines haven’t been met; it will only cause other students to get sick and your child will likely get sick again.

Students who become ill during the school day must be picked up in a prompt manner.

School Nurse

Bradford Area School District provides services to SBS.  All health records or conferences with the school nurse may be made through personal contact by parents whenever the need arises. 


If a student or adult becomes injured, it should be reported to a teacher or staff member immediately.  If a student sees someone injured, it should be reported immediately.  Accident reports are filled out for any injury needing attention/care due to the nature of the injury and a copy is sent home with the student. 


Each student is assigned a locker; lockers are property of SBS and may be opened by the school personnel without permission.  Lockers may be opened to get books or assignments and may also be opened to check for items that may endanger students, faculty and staff.  Lockers must be kept clean and in good order throughout the year. 

Lunch/Milk Program

Lunches are provided through an outside vendor.  Lunch calendars are sent home monthly and can also be found on the school’s website.  Lunch menus are due on the assigned date with no exceptions.  Students can purchase milk daily.  At the end of the month, milk balances are automatically generated and emailed.  Payment for milks are due within two weeks after bills are sent home; failure to pay milk balances will result in termination of the milk program until milk balance has been paid.  If your child will be absent and is buying lunch, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the office by 8am; no lunch credits will be issued upon failure to do so.

 Wellness Policy

            Schools play a critical role in promoting student health, preventing childhood obesity, and combating problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity.  The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Erie are committed to providing students with a healthy school environment that maximizes individual growth and development.  Al foods served at the schools in the Diocese of Erie will contribute to the overall health and well-being of the students.  The meals and snacks offered to students must be healthy and part of a balanced diet.

School Visitors

Visitors are welcome at SBS at any time that is convenient for the school schedule.  Upon entering the building, visitors must buzz in through the front doors to gain access and immediately report to the office, sign in and pick up a visitor’s pass.  NO ONE is permitted to go into classrooms without consent from office staff. 


            All volunteers must fill out the proper paperwork and have all clearances required by the Diocese.  Volunteers will not be permitted to begin volunteering until all paperwork has been submitted. 


Agendas are provided for all students and are to be used daily.  Any notes, payments, etc., must be placed in the front pocket of the agenda.  Upon arrival into classrooms, students will give all notes, payments, lunch menus, etc., to their teacher who will deliver them to the office.  Agendas are also used to record homework assignments, spelling words and other academic information.  Agendas are to be checked and signed daily by parent/guardian. 

School Tuition/Fees and Payments

At the time of registration, a $25 non-refundable registration fee is due.  By the end of the academic school year all balances (tuition, milk and care) must be paid in full to hold a spot for your child, no exceptions.  Care bills are sent home bi-weekly and balances are due prior to the next billing cycle.  If you fail to pay by the due date, Extended Care services will be immediately suspended until your account is current.  Two repeated offenses of failing to pay your care bill will result in final termination of the Extended Care program for your child(ren).

Tuition may be paid in full by August 11, 2018 for a 6% discount. 

Tuition Rates 2018-2019


Monday thru Friday, 8am-2:15pm:

 $2565.00 or $285/month

Monday thru Friday, 8am-11am: 

$1935.00 or $215/month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-2:15pm:

$2025.00 or $225/month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-11am: 

$1710.00 or $190.00

Kindergarten thru 8th Grade


1 Student:  $2565.00 or $285/month

2 Students:  $4365.00 or $485/month

Each additional student is $1800



1 Student:  $2970.00 or $330/month

2 Students:  4905.00 or $545/month

Each additional student is $1935.00

For students to receive a subsidized rate, the student and their family must be registered at St. Bernard’s Parish (and its affiliates), St. Raphael’s or St. Elizabeth Parish.  Families must also be receiving envelopes and using them at their respective parish.  Families should be attending mass regularly as well. 


Various scholarships are available throughout the school year and we encourage everyone to request more information.  Scholarships are not guaranteed so please plan accordingly.  The amount awarded will not exceed tuition costs and monies are typically only good for current academic year and do not roll over in to the following year.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to fill out the proper paperwork and submit the application by the due date.  More information is available on the school’s website.

Dress Code

All students are created equal.  When they are in their school uniforms, they see each other as equals.  Every month students who have had no more than two dress code violations may participate in Dress Down for Dress Code.


            Pants:  Khaki or black dress pants (no corduroy or cargos).

Shorts:  Khaki shorts with a hem close to knee length.  May be worn during the appropriate seasons at principal’s discretion.  No cargo shorts.

Shirts:  Short or long sleeve oxford shirts (with collars), polos in WHITE OR MAROON only.  White under shirts are to be worn underneath all shirts/polos daily.

Sweaters:  Crew neck, V-neck, Cardigan or vest may be worn over oxford shirt or polo.  GRAY OR BLACK only. 

Sweatshirts:  Uniform sweatshirt ordered through SBS may be worn except on Mass days. 

Socks:  Crew socks must be worn; BLACK OR WHITE only.

Belts:  Belts must be worn daily; BLACK OR BROWN solid colored only.

Shoes:  Black dress shoes.  Sneakers may be brought to school to change into for gym and recess, otherwise no sneakers.

Mass Day Uniform:  White short/long sleeve shirt, black dress pants with belt, solid dark tie/bow tie.  A GRAY OR MAROON crew neck, V-neck, Cardigan or vest may be worn over oxford shirt.



            Jumper:  Maroon plaid only.

Skirts/Skorts:  Maroon plaid or khaki with kick pleats or knife pleats.  Skirts/Skorts must be within 3-4 four inches to the knee.  Leggings are not permitted to be worn under skirts/skorts or jumpers.

Shorts:  Khaki shorts with a hem within 3-4 inches to the knee such as bermuda shorts.  Short may be worn during the appropriate season at principal’s discretion. 

Pants:  Khaki or black pants-no corduroys, leggings, yoga pants.  Fit of pant should be bootcut, no flared pants or skinny pants. 

Belts:  Belts must be worn daily; BLACK OR BROWN solid colored only.

Blouses:  Long or short sleeve blouse/polo (with collars) in WHITE OR MAROON only.  White undershirts are to be worn underneath blouses/polos daily.

Sweaters:  Crew neck, V-neck, Cardigan or vest may be worn over blouse or polo.  MAROON OR BLACK only.

Sweatshirts:  Uniform sweatshirt ordered through SBS may be worn except on Mass days. 

Socks/Tights:  WHITE or MAROON knee socks and WHITE or MAROON tights only.  No leggings are permitted under any part of the uniform.

Mass Day Uniform:  White long/short sleeved blouse, plaid jumper or plaid skirt/skort.  A BLACK OR MAROON cardigan may be worn. 

Shoes:  Black saddle, loafer, flats, or dress shoes only.  Sneakers may be brought to school to change into for gym and recess, otherwise no sneakers.


Black or grey knit shorts/sweatpants, no leggings.  Shorts must be within 3-4 inches of knee.  Maroon gym shirts.  Ankle/crew socks with predominantly white or black sneakers.


            All students are to wear dress, saddle or loafer shoes daily-sneakers are for gym and recess only.  For girls, no heels, wedges, clogs, jellies or sandals will be permitted.  Students may bring sneakers to change into for gym or recess.  Shoes must to rubber soled for safety reasons.


            Hair is to be clean, trimmed and neatly groomed every day.  Hair should also be of natural color.  Hair accessories must be of school colors, maroon, white or gray.  Please no large bows or headbands. 


            Earrings may be worn however, should be appropriate.  No large, dangling earrings.  No body piercings. 

On days the students can dress down, they still must adhere to the dress code, i.e. proper length of shorts, no jellies/heels, etc.

Extended Care

            SBS provides afterschool care for an additional fee.  Care starts immediately after school and runs until 5:30pm.  Parents are required to pick up their child by 5:30 and if they are unable to do so, a phone call to the care personnel is required.  Care billing is done bi-weekly and payments are due before the next billing cycle.  Failure to make timely payments will result in suspension of the Care program until accounts are made current. 

            School doors open at 7am daily and you may drop your child(ren) off no earlier. 

Care Rates are as follows:

$4.50 for one child

$5.50 for two children

$6.50 for three or more children


            We ask that all birthday invitations be mailed home; handing out invitations at school is not permitted.  If you do not want to be included on the list of addresses for birthdays, please notify the office.  Please call or email the office if you would like a copy of class addresses sent home with your child.  If you would like to bring in a treat for your child’s birthday, please contact the teacher ahead of time and inquire about what kind of snack is appropriate as it should be within the school’s wellness policy. 


            Stuffed animals and toys are not permitted.

            No temporary tattoos.

            No mini hand sanitizers.

Discipline Policy

Examples of Discipline Violations

Step #1 –Examples of offenses:

  • Incomplete homework
  • Locker violations
  • Failure to cover books
  • Eating and drinking during inappropriate times
  • Excessive tardiness to class
  • Inappropriate behavior after a warning
  • Unsigned failing papers, Friday Folders, or teacher note to parent
  • Chewing gum
  • Refusal to comply with teacher’s request
  • Forgetting gym clothes
  • Warning for bullying, name calling, taunting, ridiculing, gesturing, eye-rolling, staring/leering, starting rumors, or gossip
  • Possession of electronic devices during school hours
  • Receiving a warning for using a cell phone
  • (texting or talking)


10 Min. – 30 Min.:  Student can sit by self as a reflection time.  This can be done at lunch, recess, or during the course of the day.  Parents will be notified by a note in the agenda for repeated offenses. 


Step #2-Examples of offenses:  

  • Repeated offenses from Step 1
  • Defacing school property
  • Fighting between students (shoving, pushing)
  • Disrespect towards teachers or students
  • Vulgar and/or Abusive language or behavior
  • Disruption of class, mass, or school assembly
  • Stealing, intimidation, stalking, exclusion
  • Using internet in school inappropriately (checking e-mails/purposely looking at inappropriate sights)      
  • Repeated use of cell phone


1 hour or more as assigned:    Student can sit before/after school, at repeated lunch times or recess, or out of class.  Parents will be notified by a note in the agenda or a phone call.  


Step #3-Examples of offenses:

  • Forgery or signature on school forms
  • Vandalism or theft of student or school property
  • Plagiarism or cheating
  • Possession or use of tobacco during school
  • Truancy from class, school, or school activities
  • Endangering the welfare of another student, staff member, or oneself
  • Inappropriate written, oral or visual material
  • Repeated infractions of Steps 1 or 2


In-House Suspension – 1-3 Day In-School Suspension: Parents will be notified via a phone call.  During their In-house Suspension students must complete assignments for the day, remaining time will be used to reflect on inappropriate behavior and ways to correct their judgments.  Students will receive credit for assignments completed in In- House Suspension.  An agreement will be made by the student, parent(s), and teacher(s); in which specific stipulations on future behavior or consequences will be set.

If a student commits 3 offenses at this level or does not adhere to his/her agreement, a conference will be made, and immediate Out-of-School Suspension will take place.             

Step #4-Examples of Offenses:

  • Verbal or physical threat of bodily harm towards a student or staff member
  • Possession or use of weapon or dangerous object
  • Physical violence toward any school personnel or student
  • Possession or use of a controlled substance
  • Repeated infractions at Steps 1, 2, or 3


  1. Suspension would be served in an alternate supervised program or at home under parental supervision. Students will be expected to complete assigned tasks.  
  2. Students must be evaluated by a Mental Health Agency before readmission to St.

Bernard School if deemed necessary.


Out-of-School Suspension – Students serving Out-of-School Suspension are not permitted on school property or to attend school sponsored events, while they are suspended.  They will receive no credit for any work or exams missed as a result of their suspension.  Parents and/or necessary authorities will be notified of the student’s 3-5-day suspension.


A student will then be placed on probation, a time in which a student must follow strict guidelines set by both administration and parents. 


Step#5- Expulsion –If a student commits a serious repeat offense, after he/she has been placed in Out-of-School Suspension, necessary measures will be taken towards the expulsion of the student.  Expulsion is a serious matter, and a student will be dismissed from attending the St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School.


We the staff of St. Bernard Elementary/Middle School will use every means available to discover the cause of the problem and will exhaust all appropriate remedies such as referral to a counselor, physician, or parish priest.  Nevertheless, there may be situations which demand removal of a student from the school.


*The Principal and Pastor may change these guidelines as anytime during the school year.  Proper notice will be given to the parents in regards to any changes to the guidelines and policies. *