We pray for those who are sick or suffering:

Thomas Ackley, Virgil Anderson, Mary Beth Behan, Barb Bernheisel, Barbara Boser, Bonnie Buccolini, Gigi Carroll, Annie Champagne, Dick Clark, Billie Cummins, Marianne Curcio, Paul Curcio, Charlotte Cuthbertson, Alliyson Feldman, Patrick Franco, Pat Geary, Pat Girard, Jill Henry, Mary Lou Iaderosa, Craig Johnson, Middalia Kan,  Judy Keenan, Mary Keesler, James Kibby, Bill Kline, Mason LaBrozzi, Rita Leone, Barbara Matto, Colleen McNamara, Shannon McNamara, Dick Melka,  Mariana Militelo, Anne Miller, Joe Monago, Lou Monti, Cheri O’Mara, Dom Piganelli, John Pockey, Dan Popiel, Courtney Prentiss, Angela Rimer, Steve Schmidt, Connie Schreiber,  Steve Skaggs, Hailey Smith, Bonnie Swackhamer, Alex Tingley, Martha Vecellio, Mary Webster, Jess Whelan, Matthew Whelan, Corrine Wilson, Donna Whitford

May they be strengthened by the healing presence of God’s Spirit.

(If a name has been removed from this list that you feel should still be included, please call the parish office.)

Please keep in prayer the entire Bradford Catholic Community (St. Bernard, St. Francis and OMPH parishioners,  Fr. Ray,  Fr. Jim & Office Staff


St. Jude Thaddeus

St. Jude Novena

May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever.

Sacred heart of Jesus pray for us.

St. Jude, worker of miracles pray for us.

St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us.

[Say this prayer 9x a day, by the 8th day your prayer will be answered.  It has never been known to fail. Publication must be promised.]