Mass intentions  WEEK of

August 13 – 19, 2018

St. Bernard Weekday Masses will be held in The Divine Mercy Chapel

Monday, August 13

   SB   8:00 am    Helen Platko (Family)

    SF  9:00 am    Parishioners

Tuesday, August 14

    SF  9:00 am   Humbert & Anna Piscitelli (Louise Stoltz)

    SF 5:30 pm   Robert Burrell (Bob Burrell)

Wednesday,  August 15 — Feast of the Assumption

   OM  8:00 am   Martha Hopkins (Joan Piscitelli)

 SB 12:10  pm   Florence & Frank Stavish (Frances Nickel)

    SB 5:30 pm   Mario  & Mary Pais (Family)

Thursday, August 16

   SB  8:00 am    Raphael Carvelli (Ron & Terri Orris)

    SF  9:00 am    Margaret Peckham (Liz Lindemuth)

Friday, August 17

   SB  8:00 am    Adrianne Magnella (David & Colleen Nuzzo)

Saturday, August 18

    SF  9:00 am   George Kriz (Elnora Morgan)

    SB 5:15 pm    Melva Miller (Ron & Kathy Symington)

Sunday, August 19

     SF  8:00 am    Marian B. Freaney (Richard & Ann Cavallero)

   SB  10:00 am    M/M Nick Costello & Steve Chicketti (Ann   Chicketti)

  OM  11:30 am    Jack Colosimo (LaStella Lodge)

(Weekly confessions Saturdays after 9 am mass at St. Francis and before 5:15 mass at St. Bernard)

St. Francis Sanctuary Candle is in Honor of Fr. Raymond Gramata