Mass intentions

WEEK of APRIL 23 – 29, 2018

Weekday masses are held in the Divine Mercy Chapel

Monday, April 23

   SB   8:00 am  Joseph & Mary Fabian (Darcy & Kris Goll)

    SF  9:00 am   All Parishioners

Tuesday, April 24

    SF  9:00 am   Mary & Jim Pedine (Family)

Wednesday,  April 25

   SB  8:00 am   Jacqueline Greunke (Sally Estes)

SBS 10:00 am   Aurelia “Lola” Burkhart (Dave & Nancy Fuhrman)

Thursday, April 26

  SB   8:00 am   Helen Burfield (Patti Girard)

   SF  9:00 am    Joyce Burgess (Family)

Friday, April 27

        SB  8 am   Esther Lignian (Estate)

Saturday, April 28

   SF  9:00 am   Robert VanHoutte (Family)

    SB 5:15 pm   Frank “James” Ulyan (Bob & Marilyn Johnson)

Sunday, April 29

     SF  8:00 am   Shirley Solarek (Richard & Ann Cavallero)

   SB  10:00 am   Everett & Kingdom Families (Jean Everett)

  OM  11:30 am   Flora White (a) (Family)

(Weekly confessions Saturdays after 9 am mass at St. Francis and before 5:15 mass at St. Bernard) 

St. Francis Sanctuary Candle this week for the Health & Wellness of Kathy Bryant

Note to the parishioners of Saint Francis:

I wanted to make you aware that there are many St. Francis/OMPH masses throughout 2018 open for intentions.

If there are any open dates and no intention is assigned, I will assign the intention for the Souls in Purgatory.

Fr. Ray